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Meet our newest Gypsy Caravan Dance Company member!

Welcoming our newest dancer to the tribe: It is with pure delight, proudness, excitement, inspiration, and so much more that I introduce you to our newest Gypsy Caravan Dance Company member! Richelle Spencer! I’ve known and taught Richelle for over the past 12 years, and have watched her true, non-competitive, all-encompassing, heart and soul-felt, tribal spirit… Continue Reading

Tribal Travels

Tribal Travels Over the past month I have had the great opportunity to take my dance half way around the globe–Australia and New Zealand–teaching, performing, sharing.  I have taught amazing women so many aspects of our dance, this dance we love with our heart, soul, and bodies. I am blessed to see so many women blossom into their… Continue Reading

How To Heal Our Deep Inner Wounds Using Music & Sound

  the Summit my friends…. The Healing With Music Online Retreat is going LIVE! Click Here to grab your seat Award winning Harpist, Mentor and Transformational Coach Patricia Daly has created this wonderful virtual event and I am honoured to be a part of this panel of experts. I am incredibly excited to be contributing… Continue Reading

Healing With Music Summit!

Hey my friends! Woo hoo…I am thrilled to tell you more about this summit I’ve been invited to be a participant in! I love sharing ideas and tools with powerful and strong creative women… YOU! Imagine having a deep conversation with a world renowned name who is an expert in healing and transforming the world.… Continue Reading

the world of dance!

Hello friends! Greetings from New Zealand! I have just spent the past week in Cairns, Australia, dancing and dancing and dancing! All week long… delicious! My Gypsy Caravan dance sister, Nina Martinez organizes another incredible event, Tribal in the Tropics, and this year I was the guest to teach all weekend, plus while I was… Continue Reading


You are Enough  Sometimes… you have to start before you are ready… as I tell my teacher trainees, and as I’ve told myself on numerous occasions. Nothing like a deadline to kick your ass, the calendar to make you get up and start… This is not about perfection, this is about glorious fun and shining… Continue Reading

Acknowledge your WHY

Acknowledge your WHY What does it take to make you move? To dig in deep to your core to find the bursting open desire to experience something, to share your creation, to spread wide your dreams? Whether it be to you alone, your partner and family, friends, clients, students, or the universe, the depth of… Continue Reading