The Tribal Connection–Join us in June!

Paulette Rees-Denis announces…

The Tribal Connection

our NEW online membership program for you– dancers, bellydancers, tribal-inspired… join us!

REGISTRATION will REOPEN June 9th for July start.


Starting June 9th… you can register for our July start up!

Nina Martinez writes:

I wish I had have had TC when I first started dancing. To have access to so many great teachers and tutorials would have been brilliant. The other aspect is connecting with dancers across the globe, topical discussions and being part of this amazing sisterhood.

We are having so much fun with this gathering of the global tribes! Meeting our dancers from all over, the Master Teachers sharing their expertise, videos, live chats, workouts, technique, and our private group! Powerful, evocative, intimate! So good….

JOIN US in July!

Whether you are just starting dancing or are a seasoned pro, this is all about the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®  philosophies, the moves, the dance, the lifestyle, the community.

The Tribal Connection – meeting some of the Gypsies!

View interviews and introductions on Vimeo, here!

The global tribe!

Abby Sew writes: An amazing way to connect to you Tribal Roots and meet your Tribal Sisters!

Meet a few of our teachers!

Misha Cain Nell writes: 

I love the opportunity to learn from so many great teachers, and the chance to connect directly with the creator of GC herself. It’s particularly awesome because this program shares brand new material that has never been seen before!

Kia ora from New Zealand!
I’m Christine Master Teacher NZ … here’s a little bit of what makes me tick!
The dance… GC more than just dance its a lifestyle choice that grows and shapes you as you grow in your self and dance journey
….My tribe…the dancers and drummers who share my passion for GC and our Tribe …Spirit.
I’m blessed to be surrounded by some fabulously creative people ….who like me love creating and crafting beautiful things.
I have a crazy thing for upcycling, my headwear creations are all recycled materials starting life as something else … a bit like us in dance really we all started life somewhere else!
I’m really looking forward to chatting and dancing with everyone!

Hi Everyone! I’m Allie Joseph and I have been Bellydancing for 19 years and I’ve been dancing GC since 2010 and just totally fell in love with! I live in Chillicothe Ohio where I now have a new studio and dance space and teach many classes a week! I am a member of GC and a Master Teacher as well! I’m really excited to share my passion and dance with you all!

It is a universal dance of connection and belonging… a circle of energy and magic… a creation in process and progress. Empowerment, mind-bending discoveries of self, of blooming, opening, life making sense, moving the body poetic, physical strength and fitness, feminine beauty, of ways of expression through the body, heart, and soul.

We are committed to allowing for the creative expansion, to teaching and sharing, building and growing, with artful creative vision, artistic integrity, abundance, and the body/mind/spirit connection.  To witness the adventures of more cultural dance awareness, both contemporary and ancient. Clinging to what has always made Gypsy Caravan, well…Gypsy Caravan. The blend of old and new, the claiming of feminine beauty and power, the sovereignty of our global circle, honoring those that have come before, sharing a path of vision and artful integrity, appreciation, anticipation, with experimentation and curiosity.

With myself, Paulette Rees-Denis, innovator and creator, and the Master Teachers of GC, and you, we offer a blend of monthly online classes, or drilling sessions, or how-to videos, often talks on different topics like costuming, history, book reviews, Dance and Desire, plus a private FB page for global connection- yes! Meet all your fellow dancers!

And a monthly forum held for all to join in with our certified master teachers — on a live and recorded zoom call (different days and time zones each month to accommodate the global tribe). Always a plethora of assorted delights.

All the things…

Because this is all about our global community. How cool is this?

And this is just a sample of the calendar year to come!!!!

With videos, technique and drills, emails, zoom chats, and our private FB group to gather in…


Workout and Yoga Flow with Angie Wimmer and Tanya

Beginning Technique Breakdown with Deirdre Macdonald

Drilling with Deirdre Macdonald and students

Zoom chat with Nina Martinez and Paulette Rees-Denis, Saturday, January 5th, 2:00 PST


Workout and Arm Warmups with Paulette Rees-Denis

Beginning technique with Nina Martinez

Drilling with Nina Martinez

Zoom chat with Misha Nell and Paulette Rees-Denis


Zils and Drills with Christine Haviland

Zoom chat with Paulette

       Workout with Allie Joseph


Basic Formations with Amanda Richardson and Jamie Sprague

The Hip Bump Family with Misha Nell- Technique and Drills

Zoom chat with Nina — Headwraps

Our Monthly Connection chats on Zoom


Talks and videos on how to headwraps

Old school tribal

Costuming history

Your love of the dance

Cues and communicating in Flow

Skirt tucks and floofs

Your tribal look

Performance Ethics / Professionalism

Body love and awareness

What would YOU like to talk about?

How to make Gypsy Caravan even better, more connected and fun, with the training continuously coming to you! That was the vision, now it is here… Now is time…

Along with myself, Paulette, with Nina Martinez, Deirdre Macdonald, Christine Haviland, Cinzia DiCioccio, Richelle Spencer, Misha Cain Nell, Amanda Richardson, Jamie Sprague, Allie Joseph, Angie Neylan Wimmer, and Sherry Coffey…

We bring you the Tribal Connection!

Only $79.00 quarterly (3 months).

Dancers! You can start now for the July quarter…

Registration deadline is June 28th to get you hooked up and started with us! Register here…

You will be able to join us, either quarterly for  July 1st, or October 1st


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