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Workshop Words!

Gypsy Caravan’s Paulette Rees Denis Taking Tribal Global Auckland 2014 
-Sophie Kaulima-Irvine

(Document also known as ‘Drooling over the awesomeness!’)

They say you never forget your first time. And trust me I won’t! 
I have to quietly admit that I was once a Tribal Gypsy Caravan virgin but have no fear (thanks to the beautiful Christine and MEDANZ) the invigorating Paulette Rees Denis and elegant Nina Martinez “cured” me and I’ll never be the same again!

I didn’t know what to expect but with a whole day of traditional gypsy caravan tribal technique, rhythms, zills and tribal combinations/variations ahead of me I got more than I bargained for. My lack of experience did not hinder my enthusiasm to learn in the best supportive environment. Coming from an oriental background these workshops took the ‘darkness’ out of Tribal belly dance for me. I was able to intuitively use cues and combinations to connect with my fellow dancers, even as a first time tribalist! It was great being able to see what felt “natural” and what moves / combinations would make my head explode! That’s where Paulette and Nina came to the rescue, with their excellent breakdowns, encouragement and smiling faces.

I couldn’t believe the day had come to an end so soon. I was just getting started! What I thought of and how I saw Tribal Gypsy Caravan changed after this rewarding day. It may channel the ancient times and Tribal spirit but it’s always on the move. Travelling around the world, bringing dancers together to make magic happen.  

Paulette and Nina were able to teach us more than the moves written on the notes we took home. They taught us the history, the feeling and the dance of today. These ladies know their stuff! My only wish is that they’d stayed.  


lisa viotti- CSC dressPaulette brings years of experience, fortitude and grace to the table. Watching her, you will be enchanted by her dance and the mastering of every move with purpose and finesse.

Experiencing this unique teacher is a must if you want to understand what dance means not only as a community of women, but as a dancer for yourself.

You will discover why you dance and the special meaning it has for you.

Learning from Paulette allows you clarity in a safe setting to explore your strengths and weaknesses as you discover this dance.

From new dancers to the highly seasoned professional dancer will be challenged, uplifted, humbled, honored. You may laugh, cry, but you will come away from your experience forever changed.

Paulette is a vivacious force of nature, a truly wonderful lady and a phenomenal teacher. She cares about each of her students and will nurture you in your own path of learning. If you have the chance to study with Paulette I highly recommend it.

Lisa Viotti

joyce w- CSC dress

Thank you Paulette! There is such a depth and width to this Gypsy Caravan Style of Tribal Bellydance. When it truly grips your heart, then you will know how meaningful this Collective Soul experience can be, at least that is true for me…

This process of learning and being in this dance brings up joy, bliss, challenge, frustration, ego, sister love, communication, healing, and more and more and more. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you let it, it will reveal the truth of who you are.

What draws to me to this dance is the organic, wholistic, and all encompassing fullness that it brings to my life, and the amazing connections with lovely dancers locally and around the globe. That is our Collective Soul!

Again, thank you Paulette for your knowledge, wisdom, and heart, and of course your Fabulousness!!

Joyce, Arizona

Collective Soul….what an amazing experience!

To be completely immersed in this dance for three days and to receive individual attention from someone I so admire and respect has really changed the whole way I think and feel about my dance.

You have established such a wonderful community of dancers, musicians, and friends around you. We came away from the experience with so much more than we ever expected — and we will be back for more!


martha rosas, TT1-2012

I have been back for couple weeks and want to tell you that the trip has had a deep impact in my life as well as dancing.

Your teachings and insights on both certifications opened my eyes and my dance soul.

I am still so inspired by the entire experience!


My Collective Soul and Teacher Training experiences have helped me be a better dancer in every way. They have helped me grow as a person and develop confidence in myself as an artist.

But through the process of becoming a teacher under her mentorship I have learned so much more:

how to be a conduit for students’ own evolution, how to read people and see their strengths, how to explain things differently to different people, how to be an ethical leader, and how to trust my intuition.

Through these experiences I have discovered my passion for teaching and have now been able to successfully develop and lead my own classes and troupe.

Thank you Paulette, for all your wisdom, and for creating this beautiful style of dance!

Hilary Giovale

Collective Soul was a great mix of philosophy, practice, anxiety, and joy. Just the right combination.

Paulette was a delight during our Collective Soul weekend: a fine balance between fun and serious.

Learning and being tested in a small group, under the intense circumstances of the weekend, created an ‘esprit de corps’ that has bonded our merry band for life.

Matt Drury

You’ll remember me as the mad woman tearing up and down Wollongong Mall trying to find her car after the workshops last Saturday, but I just wanted to say what an absolute oasis of inspiration and pleasure that rainy day was for me.

I’ve been in the middle of a horrid fortnight trying to find a nursing home for my elderly and frail mum, and coping with my son’s emergency appendectomy the previous Saturday, and made a bold (and it seemed, selfish) decision to travel from Sydney to Wollongong to escape for some “me time”.

That afternoon of your workshops refreshed me and revived me as if I’d been to a day spa (well, okay, I had lots of muscle fatigue ;p) and even though it was a “white knuckle drive” back to Sydney in the ghastly weather, I used the time to listen to music and go through all the beautiful moves you taught in your classes.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ideas and dance style. I already had your book and much of the music, and now have the complete set of your fabulous dvds; so perhaps on your next journey, I’ll be a candidate for your Collective Soul workshops. Wishing you continuing safe journeys and much happiness along the way.” –

Margo Walker, ONYXtribal


“Attending the workshops … in the early days of Caravan Studios was a truly life-changing event in my dance trajectory. You have inspired me tremendously, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration that you, your dancers, and the Gypsy Caravan musicians have shared over the years.”

– Zanbaka/Rachel, Washington


Praise for Tribal Bliss Online Course!

love love how a message comes thru each time, seems to sneak its way from the beginning with the breath, grows and swirls with the movement then in the meditation , kind of just pops out of my eyes…..this time showing me how i need to honour my dance community, acknowledge what i have as very special. nina2

Nina Martinez

I did my first week yesterday and it was, indeed, blissful. The circle chant meditation was powerful. For many reasons, beyond the classes that I teach, I have not danced for myself in almost 4 months. The section with Paulette leading us in moving our bodies actually had me in tears; I was so grateful to be moving again. I am very much looking forward to next week and continuing this journey.


But I just wanted to say thank you to both of you, Paulette Rees-denis and Lynea Gillen for putting together such a wonderful course and sharing it with all of us. I found it to be just the right thing at the right time. Goddess bless you both!