Breaking Down the Walls, My Life Shorts, by Paulette Rees-Denis




Breaking Down the Walls, My Life Shorts, by Paulette Rees-Denis

 A delicious book of poetry!

Life shorts are snippets of observations and experiences along my journey.  Although I have been writing most of my life, I have only come out as a poet recently! Funny how finally acknowledging something you are passionate about can make you feel—proud yet humbled, vulnerable and wide open. I’ve spent most of my life on stage, yet standing up and owning this small private part of my existence, and then allowing myself to open up to share it, well, this is yet another ride on my travels. And I continue to break down the walls around my heart.

**This is a downloadable PDF… If you would like a hardcopy book, it will be available from Amazon in about a week! Woohoo! Watch here….

These are pieces of my life, that are so unique and individual, but somehow, the words channel through me, in universal prose, in universal experiences. The words catch glimpses, or see in full detail, the surrounding of an everyday life, covered with memories of songs, feelings, colors, places, people, who or what you completely identify with, or some of what you may never know except through the bounty of my shared words. May this intimate shared experience feed you, your heart and soul, inspire you to keep on.

Want to feel grateful, beautiful, motivated? Read on. Paulette Rees-Denis has imbued her poetry with her shining life-affirming energy. It’s a gift for readers who want to be inspired.

– Cindy Brown – Author of the Ivy Meadows theater mysteries

Paulette Rees-Denis is a true storyteller of the body. She shimmies through language to reveal the ancient dance our souls do when no one is looking.

– Gerri Ravyn Stanfield – Author of Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer

Paulette’s poetry is both bold and tender. She invites the reader to taste all the flavors of life, and to pause to savor the moments of beauty and magic.

– Lynea Gillen – Author of Yoga Calm for Children, Little Banty Chicken, and Good People Everywhere

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