Caravan Rhythms CD, by Gypsy Caravan




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Caravan Rhythms CD, by Gypsy Caravan

A well-danced to and must have for every bellydancer and musician. Remixed and re-mastered. Studio recording of 12 rhythms. Great for practice and class. Dumbek, mizwij, djembe, zurna, and other Middle Eastern instruments, with Jeff Rees, Bruce Beaton, Peter Archer, Paulette Rees-Denis. 1996

Available both in digital download.


Chiftitelli 4:32
Beledi 5:21
Ayoob 4:34
Masmoodi 4:39
Malfoof 5:13
Saidi 5:10
Bolero 4:17
Karachi 5:30
Beledi (Slow) 5:34
Moroccan 5:04
Maksoom 5:29
Karsilama 5:02

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