Tribal Grooves® Teacher Training Certification–Portland in October!




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Tribal Grooves® Teacher Training

 in Portland, OR…

Level One, Saturday, 

October 14th, 2017, 12 pm- 5pm

with Paulette Rees-Denis

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Divine Feminine Fitness!

Tribal Grooves® — an exciting and invigorating dance format using feminine moves from Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® to activate your body, mind, and spirit! We move with non-stop, soulful and blood pumping moves, combined with sweetly sensual and slow circular patterns! Often with body awareness and isolations, along with strength training, we dance some improvisation, lead and follow, and choreographed dances. Feel how the worldly exotic, stimulating music and contemporary tunes will raise your energy and momentum and get your groove on!

contact Paulette with questions…

Who we are always looking for in our new instructors!

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All ages and sizes and levels of dance experience welcome here! You, as the TG instructor, are high energy, strong in your body and dance, feel fit and healthy and able to give an hour long great workout, and love to dance and lead a group of fun-loving students!

Our certified, friendly, fun, and high energy teachers (you) will bring together a class of body fitness and enjoyment, community dance,  with lead (you) and follow (students) group improvisation! You use easy and repetitive choreographies in every class, based on strength training, stretching, and the divine feminine moves of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®. (Watch our Worth It video!

Paulette and her team of global Certified Master Teachers, (Australia, Ohio, Florida, Oregon) are here to teach YOU, the certified teachers-to-be,  how to run the class sessions, how to use the dance moves and choreographies, the music, and how to create and give the students a safe and exciting workout class. Combine this with Paulette’s business and life coaching sessions and WOW! You will have creative freedom to choose and add to your class format with this new way to use the intoxicating and energizing moves of GCTB, without having to teach the formal GCTB format. The structure is easy for teaching with a lead and follow the teacher method, different than our typical GCTB class format.

This dance style is designed for every woman who wants to dance with the feminine influence of bellydance, but who does not want to “be a bellydancer”—meaning study bellydance seriously! She wants to move her body with fabulous moves, and have a fun class, a great workout, put a big smile on her face, and laugh with her dance mates. (Of course that is like our regular class desires too.) Without going into too much dance detail you will allow them to dance and move more freely, and feel great in their bodies, while they follow you.

These classes are simply to have fun dancing and toning the body, while increasing stamina, getting fit, and loving the moves and the music. The choreographies for the classes are not intended to be used for performances at all, no pressure, just for the students to show up and dance! To feel great in their skin, toned and beautiful in their bodies, invigorated and energized, to be healthy and feel alive!

As certified Tribal Grooves ® teachers, you get

  • a year’s worth of the ongoing training and certification materials, renewable every year, with monthly updates with new choreographies, and workout videos to add to your repertoire for classes
  • Logos to use on your website and advertising
  • Marketing materials and wordage to help build your classes
  • New music ideas you can use with the choreographies throughout the year
  • Inclusion in our Tribal Grooves ® directory
  • Plus, we have our own private network of teachers to connect and talk with about your dance and your classes

Best teachers are self-motivated and inspired teachers and ready to get everyone’s groove on!

This course is to inspire all of you the teachers and your students. We want you to have fun teachin, dancing, and inspiring your classes, plus we want to help you build your business too. As creative entrepreneurs and dancers, we want you to be successful! And stay fit and healthy and love what you do. Woo hoo…

The Deets!

  • The one-day five-hour certification course is $399.00, including your yearly membership for the first year.
  • After the first year, there are yearly membership dues to maintain your certification after your initial course,  of $99 for the year (equivalent to about $8 a month). And when you are ready, you can kick it up to Level Two!
  • You receive monthly updates, which could include new choreographies and videos, music lists, warm up videos, our specially designed templates to use for your advertising, and connection with the other instructors via our private page!
  • There are additional levels of Certification yearly as well. This may be in person with our trained Master Teachers or soon-to-be-virtual, since we are a global entity!
  • We  have a wholesale and retail product line of our fabulous T-shirts that you will be able to sell to your students! Other products may be forthcoming.
  • It is helpful to be familiar with my Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Technique DVDs #1 -#4 before beginning the course (available for download on my website).
  • And in the future you have the possibility of becoming a Tribal Grooves® Teacher Trainer too. How awesome is that?

I want you to experience all the years, the love, the inspiration, the rewards that I have received from teaching and dancing, feeling so good in my body, and as a strong, healthy, and vibrant woman!
And make your business thrive with momentum. prosperity, and excitement about moving our bodies in such a fun and loving way!

This is an ongoing dance work in progress and I am so excited about the continuous growth and changes for you to take out to the world!

With so much love here for you!


Email me,, with any questions! And do come join us!


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Tribal Grooves Teacher Training --Levels One-- Portland

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