Movement, Momentum, and Magic– Transformational Life Coaching with Paulette

NEW Transformational Life Coaching packages with Paulette for 2017

Let’s get this new year rollin in!

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

Are you ready to feel great?

Move with ease?

Gain creative clarity and energetic excitement for your life?

And make those changes you’ve been dreaming of?

Two Transformational Coaching packages for you to choose from:

  1. Changing  your Story Breakthrough — The Four Week Dance and Desire Coaching  Transformation Program

      2. Illumination Breakthrough — The Three Month Dance and            Desire Motivational Program

***Add-On a special 10  Day Transformational Cleanse to either package and what a way to start your amazing year!

This is YOUR time!

When you and I work together, I give you a combo of practical tools and a bit of woo, as we look into your body, your energy, your dreams and desires! And make those changes!


What you want to let go of and change, and then what you desire to bring into your life for

Joy, Fulfillment, Feeling great in your skin… Plus Health and Wealth!

I will bring in earthly elements, meditative moments, daily empowerment, body energizing, and practical action, this is your time now…

This is YOUR time!

I want to help guide you into getting your delicious mojo on for 2017. I am delighted to offer these new coaching packages to you, developed specifically to get you kick started and moving forward with intention, clarity, motivation, and into your own abundance and joy!

Dance and Desire!

We add creative feminine movements to feel beautiful and grounded in your body…because you gotta move! Move into your body and move out the obstacles that have been blocking your true self to emerge!


Changing your Story Breakthrough — The Four Week Dance and Desire Coaching TransformationProgram

Four weeks of this delicious focus on you! Dance and Desire…

–One hour session weekly ( on skype or zoom), we use journaling for release and clarity, questing to get your juices fired up, and weekly videos with movement and guided visualizations & meditations!  This is an intensive four weeks… I want you to be ready to claim yourself, your dreams, your goals, your body.

Week One–Releasing (Water)

What needs to change? Where do you feel stuck in your life and your body?

Week Two — The Dreaming (Air)

Unbury your treasures– time for thoughtful focus and envisioning-mindmapping

Week Three — Ignite (Fire)

Designing your exciting personal MAP–Massive Action Plan

Week Four — Creating Everyday Magic (Earth)

Change your state- Elevate!

The Four Week Dance and Desire — Change Your Story Breakthrough Program

$499.00 — or a Payment Plan offering — 3 weekly payments of $175.00 each. 

Go here to sign up!

Let’s get YOU on your calendar with me!

illuminate-yourselfIllumination Breakthrough–The Three Month Dance and Desire Motivational Coaching Transformation

To feel great with energy and well-being, to call in what you desire, to be in alignment and allow your dreams to unfold and bloom..that is what we do…

With my three month program, we start with the same four week program as above, meeting every week for four weeks. Then we continue on this journey for two more months, connecting every two weeks, with time for implementation and more intensive goal declaring, as you see the changes! With more body alignment, clearer vision, AND of course, celebrating your mini to mighty breakthroughs ….

What do you need? This is a personal program and this is for YOU.

These will be fine tuned for YOU( Business, Body, Career, Relationship, LIfe Dreams and Desires) Adding more personal desires, checking in and keeping in step with your needs, adding more tools, maintaining accountability, continuing to work that body, and seeing the dreams, the abundance come alive! And you know… we have a great time doing this…yes, possibly tears, but more importantly, finding out what it feels like to FEEL Totally awesome within your physical, emotional, and spiritual body!

**Illumination Breakthrough–The Three Month Dance and Desire Motivational Coaching Transformation, only $999.00 — Payment Plan offering — three easy payments of $499.00, then $250 and $250 at the beginning of each monthly session…

Go here to sign up!

Let’s get YOU on your calendar with me!


The 10 Day Transformation Cleanse with Purium

Yes, it’s time… ARE you ready…

To Take action?

For More energy?

To Gain Mental Clarity?

Acknowledge your Healthier Body?

Lose inches and weight?

Find Connection in our supportive group?

(To do this transformation, there is an additional cost and we need to chat and get your products ordered by December 31st, PLUS I have a $50 coupon for you! Act on this now with us! Join our transformation team! Approx $240 for the 10 Day with my coupon!

Check this video out… )

and then email me [email protected] or FB message me,

So we can set you up right away!

Just imagine… combine these transformational packages and expect miracles for yourself for this new year! The world is yours…

LOVE… yourself first… as you sleep and eat better, move your body with ease, have more energy, release all that unwanted yuck, be clear with your dreams and desires, live each day with more positive thoughts and actions, achieve more and give more!

How can you say NO to this?

This is YOUR time!

Let’s do this!

Which package rings your bells right now? What are you needing?

I am ready to help you set your world on fire with love!

Let’s get YOU on your calendar with me!

Why choose me as your coach?

I love to inspire your wild spirit, to light up your heart, and to guide you to bring your own true everyday magic back! I’ve got the tools and mojo to help…screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-7-13-17-pm

“I had 3 coaching sessions with Paulette and even after the first one I was so pleased! She not only inspired me but helped to give me clarity on what I needed to do not only got myself, my dance and business. She taught me how to change my story and not to let others control my feelings. Since our last session I have accomplished so much and Paulette has taught me how to celebrate all of my successes no matter how big or small! I definitely would recommend anyone who needs guidance or clarity or maybe just a small push to get the momentum going and have a coaching session with Paulette, the sessions are well worth it!” A. J.

What DO you desire? What does your body, heart, and soul really crave?

Are you wanting to explore what to do next with your dance, your life, your work, your passion?

Have an idea, project, dream, and need some feedback or direction?

Feeling the overwhelm of too much or too little?

Want to get your ideas down on paper, get your pen flowing?

Are you a bit rebellious and can’t quite get that scheduling and discipline thing down?

                  And how’s that working for you?

Are you ready to step it up? Let’s get you moving and grooving with the pieces that light you up, inspire you and make you feel great!

Go here to learn more!

My mentor and coach…

“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. ” Tony Robbins

***AND my new Movement, Momentum, and Magic Coaching website is almost complete, here!