A free gift for you!

And as a gift for you, if you go to my Taking tribal Global blog pages, read, and leave me a comment with your email address, I will email you my new free pdf!

Tribal Revelations and the Tribal Manifesto!

I have been writing like crazy and am excited to share some tidbits about me, and Tribal Bellydance with you…

ps…we are working on the subscription link for this blog, have that running soon!

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  1. Oh Paulette!!! You always have the best sites…coolest videos! I’ll always “follow” you and the Caravan…you are all wonderful performers:) My dream.is to get down to you and take a Level One…or ANYTHING you offer,LOLOL! Be well..we count our Blessings every day:) Love, Amy.x

  2. I love what you said about having students who dance better than the teacher. You exhibit a very confident individual who is comfortable in her own skin who can deal with that. I have been heartbroken seeing students who were literally banned from classes because of their talent. We should all realize our potential and be able to celebrate others.

  3. Hey, Paulette – ‘On-line teaching’ that sounds like it is just made for us here in Townsville …. really looking forward to hearing more. Love your site , and looking forward to seeing you in Cairns again next year!!

  4. Paulette your words are such an inspiration. I love reading your blogs and newsletters they fill me with the courage to follow my passions and shine. Love your post about the role of a teacher. See you in October at JOY x

  5. Tribal truly rocks, the energy, the dance, the sisterhood, all stems from the type of giving, guiding and energizing teacher you are! Your blogs and newsletters help to keep me connected and motivated. Love your new website too….. See you in October! X

  6. Even from a far, you words keep me believing in the amazing dream of tribal growing big in Portugal.

    Blessed be

  7. Hi Paulette, so excited for your new website, wow it’s fabulous…& can’t wait to see you again in Italy, to study, dance & have a lot of fun! Miss you ? ? ?

  8. Love the new website! I am ordering my shirt now so I can wear it to your workshops in Orlando, FL! Can’t wait *yip*

      • I just wanted to tell you that I love the new website – so good to see the many facets of you present – your life as a dancer, teacher, mentor, woman, friend, writer, warrior, lover of life. Vital, colourful, creative, natural, celebratory, honest, energetic and brave. You are an inspiration.
        I love you.


  9. I am continually inspired by my teacher, Sherry Coffey, and through Sherry have been introduced to you, Paulette, and the Sisterhood of Tribal. My thanks to both of you beautiful dancers.

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