Collective Soul in Flagstaff…Day One

Flagstaff, Arizona, and on to day 2 of Collective Soul Level One. I have the honor of working with seven delightful dancers from across the US–New York, Maryland, and a few spots here in Arizona–Tucson, Goodyear, and of course, Flagstaff. Hilary Giovale, my student as well as a dancer in GCDC, is the sponsor for this 3 day Tribal Certification Intnesive as well as a sold out weekend of workshops and a hafla full of dancers and friends. I’ve never been to Flagstaff and am thrilled to be here with these amazing women.
Day One was energizing and full of lots of talking, about shifting ways of thinking and dancing Tribal. Being an improvisational dance based on a structured language of steps is the basis of this group-centered dance, but learning how to be a dancer, in general, is the key.
To move the body, being light on your feet, trusting yourself as a dancer, so that you can not only dance within your own tribe, but have the exhilarating ability to dance with others of different backgrounds and styles, instead of being locked into only one certain structure of moves. Taking Tribal Global in the process…
Most of thes dancers with me this week have been dancing for years, so you think taking a Level One course might be too simple for them. But I love to present new ways of working the dance as well as the body, and if you haven’t had the weekly classes with me at my home front, then there are lots of new inputs and ideas for them, as well as personal critiques and attention. So yesterday we had lots do a-ha moments, some great laughs, good sweating drills, journaling, and more step breakdowns.
These gals are working it, and I look forward to sharing more today on Day 2!
Then to follow the dance day up, Hilary drove me down past Sedona to Clarkdale to visit a dancing friend from many years, Andrea from Blue Dragon dance. This is gorgeous country, it was an amazing day with a few threats of monsoons and thunderstorms, but the night filled us with a half moon, a fantastic supper overlooking the quiet cliffs, and lots of talk of life and dance and a friendship catch up and fabulous reconnection…I love where dance takes me on my life journey…such a treat…
Many thanks.

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  1. Having read this, I can visualise myself there with you all. Last year after doing the training with you in Clatskananine Portland, I headed off to Phoenix to meet my family who had come over for a vacation in an RV. I had met Hilary at Breitenbush and we just hit it off and since Flagsatff was on our family travel itinery, we got to meet up for an afternoon/evening with our families and enjoy some more time together and a very nice mexican meal out.!!! Flagstaff is beautiful like our resident Hilary and it’s a great place to share this dance. I understand the aha moments, I get them everytime I train with you inc just back this April and May. But I do recall the shock the first time I danced with you and it was a shock to the system. I had been dancing 4/5 years and doing what I thought was tribal. It was that realisation that I was really unaware of what I was doing at all, how movement works, the precision and flow of this dance, the connection with the other dancers. My ego felt dinted initially and I had a choice to walk away from the commitment and hard work that was required of me personally to stay the course and really begin to dance. I am happy to say, the ego did not win out and of course I have stayed and what rewards as with that work/effort comes a great sense of satisafaction as I learn to command my body more more, connect and play!!! Because this dance empowers you in your own right, because Pualett shares her knowledge and wisdom of it, the more you stay with it, the more scope there is to be playful and in the moment. Even if you specialise in other dance styles, the benefits of this tribal training run deep into your soul and is sure to enrich everything you do.! You can never know too much with this and I would be suprised if anyone comes away from a workshop, class or training with Paulette without having learned something of value!. Sticking with it may well change your life in so many ways you might not even consider when you first roll up. An example of this is 5 years after staring up dance with Paulette, I have been to The USA 3 times and undertaken several CS trainings and TT. Because I was going, it inspired us to take that family holiday where we got see, experience and enjoy 3 states and such great places and sights including the Gran Canyon, Las Vegas, Flagsatff and Sedona…..and meet new people and make new friends. My children put this in a holiday of a lifetime catergory and speak so warmly of our tome in the USA. Doing this dance impacts people around you personally and those you share it with in class or when presenting it in other ways inc performance. I shudder to think what I could have missed if my ego had run me away from this journey which has been a physical, emotional and spiritual one too. So to all the gals undertaken the training now, I say, wish I was there and enjoy it to the max!!!xxSun Fyrexx

  2. from the bottom of my heart (not the heart of my bottom)..and apologies for typing errors in there and I do know your name is spelt Paulette.. Love to you and all the lovely dancers out there once again, sounds like a blast.xxSunxx from Scotland which is also beautiful but right now very very wet!!!xx

  3. Thank you Paulette! There is such a depth and width to this Gypsy Caravan Style of tribal bellydance. When it truly grips your heart, then you will know how meaningful this Collective Soul experience can be, at least that is true for me.
    Sun Fyre, I so agree with you. This process of learning and being in this dance brings up joy, bliss, challenge, frustration, ego, sister love, communication, healing, and more and more and more. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you let it, it will reveal the truth of who you are.
    What draws to me to this dance is the organic, wholistic, and all encompassing fullness that it brings to my life, and the amazing connections with lovely dancers locally and around the globe. That is Collective Soul!
    Again, thank you Paulette for your knowledge, wisdom, and heart, and of course your Fabulousness!!

    • Joyce, thankyou for your dance, your passion,
      Your patience, your wisdom, and your thoughtfulness with your words! You have a huge heart and I am honored to share with you. Blessings to you daughter, sister, friend!

  4. Wow, well said ladies! I love how this dance and training with Paulette always requires us to push deeper and go farther with ourselves and our personal journeys. Love to you all!

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