Dance To Word

It always comes back to discipline. You want to be good at something, you want to learn your craft. It takes discipline…with commitment and passion, yes? You want to get in shape, lose some pounds, eat better, write more, get that blog started, take more photographs, get a new job…it takes desire, vision, and passion, to get it started, then discipline to keep it going.

So what will keep you motivated and inspired?

2 Responses to Dance To Word

  1. Inspiring lessons and performances of artists, who give you something you can think about. Also moments in teaching, where you see, that you are inspiring your students and how the one is developing on a physical, emotional and spiritual base. The moment you experience that you (as student) and your students are getting closer to who you really are. Thank You for this inspiration to think about what inspiration means to me! 🙂

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