Friday, what I am loving…

As I get ready for another Sisters on the Fly roadtrip to eastern Washington and Pendleton, OR with my gal pal, Rene Groom, I am looking over  photos from my last girls roadtrip to Idaho and Utah with Rene and Deb—what fun to take crazy spontaneous adventures with good girlfriends! And to see amazing scenery just about puts the trip over the top.  This land is so gorgeous and awe-inspiring, I will need to sit and find words to write about it, but now I just want to share these photos…they speak for themselves…and if the scenery wasn’t enough, we got to visit our darling friend Kayla and her organic dairy farm and oogle over her old funky farmhouse and her vintage decorating, more vignettes of life…now that was a weekend…plus she picked up another vintage camper while we were driving around. (And we almost had to fight over it!)

I”m doing so much better at taking time for myself, and my friends. Yes, this workaholic is having some fun! Woo hoo, it’s about time, don’t you think? And so important for my (all of ours) peace of mind, soul, and body…time to hang out, laugh, and even a bit of quiet time on the long drive with my 2 dogs and the cd player! Give me some Dwight Youkum, Waylon Jennings, and more music so I can sing real loud!

I am looking forward to another weekend with my girlfriends and their vintage campers, we go glamping! (glamour camping) and more photos, junking, and being with the most delightful and creative strong women, that is a weekend…add some cowboy music, my guitar, good food and wine, my dogs swimming in a lake, and the gorgeous eastern Oregon gorge, and I’m a happy glamper. Here I go…Enjoy and you have a fabulous weekend too…take some time for yourself and laugh alot…


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