Hello my friends… wow!

Welcome to my new website, blogs, shopping pages, tribal info central, and Gypsy Caravan pages! Woo hoo… this is so exciting…to finally have my new site up and running, and Wow…let me tell you…
It is still under construction, working on all of the pages, getting you the up to the minute info, as it does change so rapidly, and just loving the colors, the energy, the shopping pages (!)… and this blog is still shifting its place in the universe, from my old wordpress blog to this space. But it is still there, and I am here…it will take just a bit more time to complete the cyperspace transfer…please bear with me while I get it converted!
And until then, you can check some back blog posts at my Tribal Bellydance Blog at it’s wordpress addy, www.tribalbellydanceblog.com
and I’d love to hear what you think of the site. and if you can, in fact, get signed up so I can read your comments! Try for me!
Please peruse these pages, hopefully it will be easy for you to navigate…
Meanwhile I am on my way to Austin for a 3 day holiday with my man, to see lots of music and check out the Portland of the south, so I’m told! Dwight Yoakum, here I come, and I’ll get this blog figured out next week!
As always my lovelies, I soooo appreciate you being here, I love my blog, I love to write and share all kinds of juicy tidbits with you, I sometimes love to share my heart! 🙂
Thanks for being here…

and oh yea, I have a gift for you when I get back next week, I’m just dying to send it your way…will figure it out in a bit…

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  1. I love your new website Paulette. I love reading your blogs too, I can hear your lovely American accent as I read, it’s almost like you’re here with and here telling me all about your adventures. Sending hugs and love xx

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