ok, here are my ten “things” today…

this is from my post from Sunday… how is your daily list coming? can you share with me/us?

so far today, this early side of thursday…what is around me for me to be grateful for, to be inspired by, my “things” of beauty!

1. repetition

2.the morning ritual of playing fetch with my dogs!

3. a delicious green smoothie

4. getting ready to go work out at the gym

5. processing more orders for tshirts- so grateful!

6. planning my day -to be full of potential, prosperity, down time, great work

7. getting ready for rehearsal tonight

8. an added piece of music to my troupes upcoming set…woo hoo…new dance ideas!

9. my man making me coffee

10. ok, so a little too early in the day to have 10…

but i’ll have more than that when I go to bed…

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  1. 10 things eh? Well my no. 1 would be my lovely husband, 2 & 3 my beautiful German Shepherds, Moo and Buster. 4 would be my lovely bonkers friends. 5 would be ladies I teach who all laugh and go home tired. 6 is all my plans for the future, my projects, my ideas. 7 – my life for which I am grateful and feel so lucky. 8. Good memories of my mother and father recently passed on. 9 The buzzards circling over my garden and the Goshawk in the fir tree annoying the sparrows. 10 – CS1 and CS2 in October!!

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