Movement, Momentum, and Magic — Coaching with Paulette

Movement, Momentum, and Magic — Coaching with Paulette

MOVEMENT, MOMENTUM, AND MAGIC– Coaching with Paulette Transformational Lifestyle and Creative Business Coaching with Paulette! Do you need some guidance and clarity with your dreams and desires, to move from stuck to abundance? I would love to offer you a FREE Discovery Session –Create and Elevate – to get your magical mojo happening, with me now… Read More..

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Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance

Paulette's popular book about this fantastic and evocative dance style, is now available as a digital download from Amazon!

"Through the book different aspects of tribal bellydance are presented whether its the music, other dancers, building community (in its widest sense), costuming, dance as a creative art or ritual and improvisation." - D.M.

What is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance?

What is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®? Moving your body just plainly feels good— gets the blood moving, the heart pumping, the joints juiced up…and brings you right into the moment—the be here now factor! When you move and dance, it strengthens the body, tones the muscles, and loosens you up, releasing tensions, aches, thoughts, whatever… Read More..

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Manifesto

Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, Int, the dancers and Master Teachers, have come together to bring you this magnificent Manifesto to share with you, the values and inspirations of what makes Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance so powerful, evocative, and what and why we continue to bring the global community together! Please view and download for your reading… Read More..

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Certifications for 2020!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Certifications for 2020!



Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance is a universal dance of connection and belonging… a circle of divine feminine energy and magic… a co-creation in process and progress. Empowerment, mind-bending discoveries of self, of blooming, opening, life making sense, moving the body poetic, physical strength and fitness, feminine beauty, of ways of expression through the body, heart, and soul.

Gypsy Caravan is more than just a dance… it is a lifestyle…bringing you connection, commitment, joy, community, creative movement, well being and a beautiful feminine dance style…

Join the sisterhood global tribe, grow your dance, grow your career, expand you body and your life!

ONLINE with Paulette:  Collective Soul Level One starts in January 2020!

starts January 11th, 2020

Join us online for four weeks of weekly emails, with PDFs of technique instructions, videos to warm up and work out with, finger cymbal rhythms and drum rhythms,  MP3s to listen to with visualizations and meditations, and journaling prompts to dive into your sweet dancing soul! And join our private online Facebook community to study with…

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Check out dates around the globe with our Master Certified Teachers!

Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, and more…

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You, audacious soul, have come to the right place. I am delighted to guide you on your journey of Dance and Desire! I have the Tribal-inspired goods to share with you to get you dancing and writing! Invigorate your body, mind, and spirit—so you can live a more creative and fulfilled life. Are you ready? Read more »