Wednesday Thoughts and Quotes – What makes you you?

I am a dance teacher and a write…for my life’s work…not one, not the other, both…I can’t be one without the other…
in reality I am many things… or should I say, many things make up my crazy sexy life human being that I am!

I am a dancer, a teacher, a writer, a musician, a singer, a performer, a cook, a wife, a lover, a friend, a best friend, a coach, an instigator, an innovator, an artist, a gardener, a tattooed one, a bleached blond 50-something honky tonkin’ guitar player, a glamper, a hostess, a homemaker, a mother of many, a daughter, a sister, a loyal being, an earth worshipper, a caregiver, a passionate soul, a wine drinker, a vegetarian, a creatrix, a photographer….. oh, I’m sure I can keep that list going for a while.

How about you? Can you write me a list of who and what you are…or again, what makes you you?
Define yourself with delicious words, color yourself, with preciseness, with passion, with truth….

The dream list can come later…. but now, today, what makes you you? There may be words in there you would not want anyone else to read. Hhmmm, what to do about that? There may be words that make you glow, shine with pride. Rock on! And you should allow yourself to shine, to glow, to love who you are, no humbleness allowed here, my friends…

But if I were to really want to define me, my life’s work, I would say that I am a dance teacher and a writer. Today, those feel like my greatest callings in life, where  and how I empower others through my experience and knowledge, which is what I love to do the most. I am on fire when I am in these modes. I can give the world to someone who wants it, truely, heart and soul. It is the most rewarding, and the most selfless thing I can do. Selfless, because nothing else exists in those moments, does that make sense? It is not about me, but about them, what I can do to help, my little corner of the world, it all makes a difference, every little act, every thought, and thoughts become things, says one of my gurus, Mike Dooley,,
So what are you thinking right now? You know, you can make it happen…

Now, some of you may know me by now, I love lists….so I want you to get that list going. What makes you you?
It seems on my blog, I want to have certain days be certain subjects… but when I am on fire, I need to go with the light, the burn, and then, I cannot wait to pass it on to you. This was to be my Sunday Dance to Word, but why wait? It’s here right now… go for it!

Some of my projects come into fruition in small snippets, and some take weeks, months, and years long. I have a few new ones coming at you soon…in the meantime, enjoy what the day brings! I hope you enjoy my words, I love sharing with you, and hope you can share with me/us too…
Thanks for being here…
Happy solstice…may your light burn bright and true.

2 Responses to Wednesday Thoughts and Quotes – What makes you you?

  1. I am mama, sweetness, sassy, sometimes patient, a dancer, a mermaid, a dreamer, a sister, a friend, a list maker, a reader, a bike rider, a wannabe guitar player, a vegetarian, a creative, orange and silver glitter

  2. I am a wife, dog owner, Bellydancer, manicurist, photographer, confidant, friend, world traveler, military veteran, survivor, writer, education seeker, joyful woman. (not a compleat list 🙂

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